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Buggy Shady is aware that moms are presented with the difficult dilemma of using natural and healthy products for their baby while staying within budget. Their eco-friendly product, the Buggy Shady, keeps babies shaded and protected from outside elements such as strangers’ hands, bugs and rain. Buggy Shady Launches Eco-Friendly Line – AZ Business Magazine


The Buggy Shady, an innovative product to keep baby shaded, is the first true universal shade that fits snuggly on both strollers and infant car seats. Not only does the product keep baby shaded from the sun and cooler in hot weather, but it also provides “hands off” privacy for newborns in baby car seats. [...]

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Tiffany Christianson says that a run with her son in 2009 first inspired Buggy Shady, a universal shade that “has legs” in the worldwide baby products market…Buggy Shady has evolved into a stylish shade that works with nearly all major brands of stroller and infant car seats.


A Valley duo’s invention has received the “Parent Tested, Parent Approved” seal. The shades can easily create a disturbance-free zone around a sleeping baby. The product also blocks 75 percent of UVA and UVB rays, and shields toddlers and infants from wind, bugs and other environmental elements. Local invention receives ‘Parent Tested’ seal  

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You’ll want to get your hands on a Buggy Shady.  The Scottsdale company says it’s the world’s most fashionable stroller shade—the first designer shade that works on both your infant car seat and stroller.  The Shady blocks the heat, offering 75% UV protection. Savvy Valley Moms Go Green – Arizona Foothills  


Universal 2-layered shade for infant car seats and strollers. Mesh bottom layer allows clear visibility for parent and child while blocking 75% of UV rays. Solid top layer drops down to give privacy to sleeping child and replaces draped blankets. Functional for baby and cute for mom. PTPA Award Winning Product  


If you have small children, you have a stroller. But do you have a Buggy Shady? This Scottsdale-based company creates universal shades for strollers and car seats that come in a variety of colors and fabrics. Modern Motherhood Round-Up  


The products are manufactured locally with imported fabrics that block UVA and UVB rays. The materials also guard against wind, rain and bugs. The shade system is flexible and can be used on everything from a stroller to a carrier to a car seat. There also is an organic version for eco-conscious moms. Startup: Product keeps [...]