About Buggy Shady

A message from the founders of Buggy Shady:

After jogging with my newborn, I developed the general concept for the Buggy Shady. Holly then brought it to life, and Chris made it perfect. Dustin critiqued us and kept us honest about functionality along the way. We are so happy to offer our new “baby” to you – a product that we believe changes the stroller game, makes being considerate of our babies’ comfort easy, and makes mommies look good.

We hope you enjoy and are completely satisfied with the Buggy Shady of your choice and that you recommend it to your friends. We welcome your comments and appreciate your purchase.

Happy strolling to all the stylish mommies pushing babies protected by the intelligently designed Buggy Shady!

Tiffany and Dustin Christianson and Holly and Chris Foster